Meet OD Innovator: Dave Nast

What are you doing now and for whom?

I am the CEO and Managing Partner for Nast Partners, a leading Talent Optimization firm and the fastest growing Certified Partner for The Predictive Index in the world.

What common challenges do you encounter as an OD Professional?

Recently, our projects have been centered around helping organizations attract and retain top talent.  We have also been active with re-organization projects, succession planning, and M&A integrations (from both the buy-side and sell-side of the transaction.)

What methods, resources, or content does your team create and offer to allow for this type of transformation?

We employ a varied approach depending on the needs of the organization that often combines workforce analytics, psychometrics, training, and leadership development utilizing objective, scientifically validated solutions, backed by proven results over the past six decades in thousands of organizations with millions of people.

In what ways does OD work take into consideration the whole individual in experiencing growth and learning?

We begin our work with individuals and teams around self-awareness, and then the awareness of others, and provide a clear strategy to use this awareness to build a plan to get results.  We measure everything we do, complete with milestones and goals. We help people stretch in ways that are comfortable and satisfying for them while building team cohesion so the business gets the results it needs building a better place to work for everyone.

How do you and your clients measure those results? Can you share a specific example?

One example earlier this year centered around reducing turnover.  When we began working with this organization, their turnover was over 56%.  Within 11 months, we reduced turnover to under 34% (on our way to a 24-month goal of getting it under 25%- stay tuned!), which saved them over $1.8M.

How do you sell your ideas to senior leaders in the organization?

We need to know what matters to them, what they are accountable for, and then demonstrate the business case to them to gain their buy-in.  People need results, not just reports.  We provide lots of data, which we say is “the what…” but we always provide an action plan for how to best interpret and use that data, which we say is the “so-what…”  It’s all about getting people the results they need.

How have you been able to position yourself as a trusted advisor either internally or externally as an OD Professional?

Our team has over 50 years of experience in Talent Optimization, Human Capital Management, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Talent Acquisition, Training, Executive Search, Talent Development, Change Management, and Succession Planning.

Our team is comprised of Award-Winning and ICF-Certified Coaches. We teach companies how to predict the performance of their employees. Take the guesswork out of hiring and managing talent using science-based objective data. Cut hiring time in half and improve talent retention, engagement, and ROI (Return on Individuals).

As Certified Partners and Certified Workplace Behavioral Analysts for The Predictive Index, Nast Partners are trusted business advisors who provide the highest levels of applied experience, industry knowledge, expertise, and service. We engage with organizations for talent optimization, leadership development, and strategic workforce planning.

How do you start the process of changing deeply ingrained mindsets?

Get results early.  Nothing changes hearts and minds like getting them the results the need as quickly and easily as possible.

Do you have any final lessons that you’d like to share?

Our mission is to improve the lives for all employees.  All business problems are people problems.  To quote Valuation Expert, Dave Bookbinder, “The value of a business is a function of how well the financial capital and intellectual capital are managed by the human capital.  So, you better get the human capital part right.”

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