What’s Wrong with Project Management–and Why It’s Easier to Fix Than You Think

In today’s dynamic world, organizations must continuously adapt to stay relevant, which requires embarking on projects to deliver innovation and improvements. Despite the fact that an entire industry revolves around project management, most organizations lack the tools and skills to succeed at this critical function. An organization’s most valuable work …

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Switch: A Practical Guide to Creating Effective, Long-Term Change

For many people, the new year represents opportunities for both professional and personal growth. January 1 ushers in new strategies for organizations where fiscal and calendar years coincide. And who hasn’t made at least one New Year’s resolution at some point in their lives? Whether implementing a new inventory management …

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The Demise of Nokia

The Demise of Nokia—A Cautionary Tale of Restructuring Gone Wrong

Nokia’s implosion after the breakout success of its mobile phone business offers a cautionary tale of the many problems that often lead to—and result from—corporate reorganization. In fact, restructuring usually puts the business in an even worse position, which leads to additional, equally unsuccessful reorganizations. This article examines the underlying …

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